The Frantz Riquen Saddle

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Super lightweight, a carbon-fibre Frantz Riquen saddle matches the rest of your beast. 

✔ Weight:0,2kg✔ Price:$140.00

✔ Material:Toray carbon-fiber T800 & T1000
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“The Frantz” carbon-fiber saddle

The secret of building a super-light road bike Is to maximize the carbon-fiber component, which naturally means that a fully carbon fiber saddle should match the rest of the beast.

The full carbon aerodynamically designed Frantz Riquen Saddle weighs a mere 115g, which helps you reach the frontier of minimal weight carbon fiber biking.

The Frantz Riquen Saddle is a super lightweight (115g) Is designed for the weight conscious rider who wants to fly; with carbon saddle, carbon crankset, and carbon bottle cage.

This saddle will also make your bike look amazing.

On the other side of the coin we note that this equipment is more suited to shorter distances and revert to a conventional saddle if there is discomfort.

  • Toray T800+T1000 carbon fiber, which is the sturdiest mass-produced carbon in the market.
  • 100% Carbon Fiber to help achieve minimum bike weight and optimize aerodynamics.
  • A super lightweight (115g) and aerodynamic carbon-fiber saddle.
  • Standard seat rail and a breeze to apply to any road bike.
  • 3K matte or gloss versions available.


WEIGHT0.2 kg
DIMENSIONS28 × 15 × 6 cm

2 reviews for The Frantz Riquen Saddle

  1. Peggy Floyd

    This is the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever used. Very light weight, and fully carbon fiber. It’s also stunningly beautiful. For a saddle to be comfortable it has to have the correct shape rather than it being soft and has to have flex. The carbon fibre gives you that flex. No matter what your preference is for your bike, this saddle is perfect. I love it.

    • James Feldman (store manager)

      Hi, Peggy! Thanks for review!

  2. Lucian Wagner

    I ride a lot and I need a saddle that is going to be comfortable enough for a full day in the saddle. I looked at a lot of different saddles and I finally found the Franz. It’s a relatively new saddle and it’s not too expensive. It’s light enough that the weight is negligible and it’s comfortable enough that I rode 100 miles in one day and I felt great.

    • James Feldman (store manager)

      Thanks for the feedback, we are very glad you liked it!

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