Road wheels size guide (INFOGRAPHICS)

Searching for a new bike on the market or plunging into cycling for the first time? Whether you’re a road or mountain cyclist, navigating bike wheel size is a critical element of selecting a new ride. Riding on wheels of inappropriate size means riding with knee, shoulders, kneck, and back pain, not mentioning it means riding a bike that is hard to control.
Road wheels size guide infographics
In сycling, the proper sizes must be considered for gaining proper handling, safety, and comfort for the rider. Below is a general guide for those who have found, or are still searching for their perfect bike online and want to choose the correct option. The guide includes information on how to choose bike wheels that will fit your height exactly and your riding speed preferences.
Road wheels size guide infographics

Sizing standards

a) European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization (ETRTO) 

b) French Standard 

c) American Standard  

d) International Organization for Standardization (ISO.) is the inch-based notation that you see in big-box retailers in the United States. This is the measuring sign you’re the most likely to meet when buying in the US.

The most common standard bike wheels

  • ISO 630, or 27-inch;
  • ISO 584, or 5-inch; 
  • ISO 622, or 29-inch.


Road wheels size guide infographics
Road wheels size guide infographics

Does wheel size affect gear?

There are many myths that people are told about why smaller wheels are slower than bigger ones. All of these theories, while having some truth in them, ignore several other aspects of the differences. Those differences compensate for the reasoning used by sellers in shops to make shorter-height riders purchase the bigger and more expensive wheels. In fact wheel size has nothing to do with speed. A road bike with 26-inch wheels is geared to ride at the same pace as a bike with 700c wheels. The answer is situated in gear inches. Gear inches is a system of measuring the corresponding number of inches moved forward per crank rotation.  
Road wheels size guide infographics

On the opposite of going to a bike shop with the limited choice of bike parts just to gauge fit personally, there already exists a substitute method of choosing that has been tested by many professional and amateur cyclists. The internet offers thousands of options and you have higher chances to get the most advantageous. Save time by understanding what sizes are most likely to go for your riding style.


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