Purchasing a road bike saddle online: a quick guide with infographics

Purchasing a road bike saddle online: a quick guide
Purchasing a road bike saddle online: a quick guide


A well-selected saddle for the cyclist’s body is the basis for pleasant and painless riding..  Choosing one is not easy as there are many models on the market and each cyclist has a unique taste and preference. Finding parts for your bike is like art. In the text below you will find out what to pay attention to when choosing a saddle.

Road bike saddle

Manufacturers offer cyclists a wide choice of road saddles. Long-distance rides require the seat to be perfectly selected.

Searching for the Right Size

Each person’s body is unique. Before buying a saddle the cyclist should check the distance between the sacral bones. You need to be on a soft surface and sit in the position that one would usually take on a bicycle. Then measure the distance between the deepest points formed under the weight of your body.

The saddle that fits you is a little wider than the result of the measurement. Of course, this does not always allow us to find out ideal dimensions, since your pelvic width factor also matters.

However, with this knowledge it will be easier to make the right choice.

At home you only need a few things to measure the distance between the sciatic bones:

  1. On a rigid chair without a lining or some other rigid seat, place a foam pillow, pad, or anything on which the bones will leave traces.
  2. Then sit right down and wait about 10 seconds.
  3. After this time, the recesses of the ischial tuberosities should remain on the pad.
  4. Measure the distance between the formed depressions with a ruler.

If the traces are not clear enough you can repeat the test, but this time leaning forward for a moment before rising.

Road bike seat for women

Female saddles are adapted to female anatomy, which means that they are generally slightly wider and sometimes shorter than male models. The distance between the bone processes of the pelvis is longer than that of a man. It all depends on the purpose of the bicycle and therefore on the position occupied during the ride.

On most urban bicycles, the female position while riding is completely vertical. A saddle on such a bicycle is a kind of soft support for the buttocks. Therefore, it should be as wide and thickly packed as possible. The more athletic the person on the bike, the narrower the saddle should be.

Road bike seat for men

Many men’s bikes are equipped with saddles with an anatomical recess in the middle. Combined with a thin layer of silicone gel that absorbs fewer road vibrations, men’s seats provide maximum comfort.

Does it work? Yes, but that doesn’t mean saddles without a cut are uncomfortable. Saddle manufacturers often use the flexibility of the shell instead of a recess, which gives a similar effect.


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