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Carbon Fiber Wheels

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One of the first thoughts when you are upgrading your road bike is how to choose the best wheelset? Changing the wheels can utterly transform the performance.

Traditionally, road rims have been very narrow, but in recent years they’ve been getting wider and more aerodynamic. Increased tire volume leads to a smoother ride and fewer flat tires.

The most modern and ultra-fresh wheelset is one that is made from carbon fiber. The material previously used only by professional cyclists in the Tour de France can achieve the best handling characteristics in everyday cycling. 

Aluminum and carbon fiber are two very different materials: aluminum is a metal, and carbon fiber is a synthetic material, classified as polymer. Each strand of carbon is about 5 micrometers in diameter.

What are the obvious pros of carbon road bike wheels compared to aluminum?

– focus on speed;

– practicality, choice, and relative affordability;

– the lateral and radial stiffness of carbon fiber wheels is often greater than that of other materials. Their combination of speed, sensible weight, and out-and-out performance;

– longevity of the material. Although aluminum is considered to make better performances during rains and storms, the latest examples of carbon fiber show a big improvement in this aspect. Manufacturers have ironed out most of the problems;

– earlier carbon wheels were out of reach for the majority of amateurs, but for now, they have become a lot more affordable;

– finally, there’s something undeniably pleasant about how the road bike looks when it’s floating on a pair of carbon wheels.

Types of carbon road wheelsets you can choose

Carbon wheels 650c have a greater acceleration capacity which makes rolling over obstacles such as hills easier.

Carbon wheels 700c are mainly used for mountain bikes, whatever they allow to ride much faster and solidly. Perfect for those who train to be a pro.

Carbon is the material of choice for aero wheelsets. They hold carbon tubular tyres (or tubes). So whether you are a climber, road, or triathlon cyclist and need your bike to be as light as possible, you will be happy to find that in carbon wheels the tubes are bonded to the rims. Leave behind breaking fingernails and the exhausting process of playing around with tire levers. If you are not used to working with tubes, it may take some practice to become handy with them.


Why are carbon wheels more comfortable?

Firstly the special tailoring allows for improved aerodynamics. The high aerodynamic rates play a significant role in road cycling because it allows you to gain high speed if you have a short section with steep grades. Fiber also has several essential qualities for a bike. It has high chemical resistance, high-temperature tolerance, low thermal expansion, and better absorption of road vibrations.

How are carbon fiber wheels made?

Carbon pieces are made by molding. The carbon fiber rim is composed of carbon atoms that are suspended in resin to create a solid material.

Why are carbon fiber wheels lighter than aluminum?

The fiber material is less dense. The density of modern carbon fiber is about 1.9 g/cm3. The density of aluminum is about 2.3 g/cm3. Carbon fiber has an incredibly high strength-to-weight relation.

Is it true that carbon fiber wheels are brittle?

It depends on the design of the part and intentions for usage. Our carbon fiber wheels are not brittle. They behave well in all conditions because we have tested them in our laboratory and designed them to beat OEM metal wheels’ level of strength and impact resistance.

Is it possible to repair a broken carbon fiber wheel?

If the damage is foremost to the clear coat/resin and does not go further than the first layer of carbon fiber it is possible to repair it.

What to use to clean carbon fiber wheels?

Only mild soap and water should be used to clean carbon fiber wheels. Any type of sprays and chemicals that are sold at special auto stores may damage the carbon fiber.

How to choose a carbon fiber wheelset for my bike?

  1. Choose the carbon wheel brand that fits you the most
  2. Think over whether you prefer rim brake wheels or disc brake wheels
  3. Think if you want to buy a Chinese carbon wheelset.
  4. Choose the design you like the most
  5. Think about the aims and plans for your future bike

How much do carbon fiber wheels cost?

Purchasing a typical carbon wheelset will cost you from $599 to $3,000 per wheel.

Why should I buy bicycle parts in your shop?

Reviewing the online statistics about bicycle mechanics, one of the most disturbing topics is the lack of quality control. An excellent way to ensure you’re getting a bike of good build quality is to purchase it in a petite shop. The products here go through the procedure of a controlled and consistent assembly that you don’t get from large bicycle manufacturers.

What guarantees of quality, delivery, and payment do you provide?

We are confident in the quality of our products and their ability to achieve the best performances. That’s why we offer a 2-year warranty against defects. We provide free worldwide shipping that normally takes 15 to 30 days. Our customers make payments using the secure and stable Stripe payment platform.