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  • The Frantz Riquen Saddle

    The Frantz Riquen Saddle


Sometimes cyclists do not even realize that the saddle dictates the overall riding and post riding feel. A wrong bike seat can turn your relationship with the bike into a miserable experience. The unnatural riding position can lead to injuries and long-term disgust for riding.

The bicycle saddle, defined as the best, doesn’t bear the same characteristics for every cyclist. It is determined by a number of anatomical, physiological, and riding factors, such as bone structure, style, discipline, and everything in between.

The difference in needs has already provoked a large amount of engineer and design ideas for saddles. So now the user has a great choice on offer.

Saddles which have to suit men are different from those which suit women. Most cases of saddle-related pain pop up because the soft tissues between the sit bones are loaded instead of the bones themselves. To avoid it, a rider has to pick the bike seat carefully, especially in case he or she uses it every day.

Saddle injuries are hugely multifactorial, so you should find the most optimal construction. Get acquainted with the guidance on how to choose the right saddle before purchasing. Refer to also your flexibility, core strengths, soft-tissue distribution.

For the riders who like to move around on the bike, sitting on the nose during efforts and placing their weight back on the climbs, a long-nosed saddle may be a perfect choice. If you love to cycle in an aggressive position, you should get a seat that allows you to rotate far forward over the bottom bracket and use all your strengths and flexibility.

One saddle can have either carbon or steel rails and come in three sizes. Your comfort in the seat can hugely influence other factors. For instance, If the saddle discomfort is an obstacle for the rotations, then, in order to protect the most sensitive body parts, the rider will bend and overload his back all the time. This tendency often leads to issues with lower and upper back pain.

The price varies depending on characteristics.

Bike saddles can be:

– Performance. Are common for road bikes, mountain bikes, and touring bikes. are typically long and narrow;

– Cushioning. Typically designed for recreational cycling and cruising. Often have a short nosehave plush padding.

Different saddles are intended for:

– Triathlon;

– Performance;

– Fitness (or recreational);

– Comfort;

– Race (or road);

Riquen fiber road bike seats are made of carbon fiber. The material provides supreme comfort, innovative design, and thin, lightweight padding on the saddle to keep the overall weight down.

We offer aerodynamic saddles which support riders’ power and performance. Because of the lower weight making, this saddle is best fitted not only for roadies but for racers and mountain competitors.

An outer sleeve of braided carbon fibers forms a tube filled with unidirectional carbon fibers to create the perfect trinity of strong, light, and stiff.

Carbon fiber bicycle seat means:

– Protection in the exposed areas;

– A smoother ride;

– Price and quality ratio;

– Endurance;

– Ergonomics;

– Flexible shell.


What makes a bike saddle comfortable?

Saddle’s components mean a lot: shell, cover, rails, clamp, suspension, and how well you adjust the seat.

Consider the height. The rider must not reach the ground with both feet.

  1. Adjust the tilt depending on handlebars and the style of cycling.
  2. Adjust fore and aft. Experts say that the saddle should be roughly horizontally aligned, or only slightly nose up. you need to consider each saddle’s shape and the range of adjustment.
  3. Change seating position from time to time. For instance, sitting on the nose for brief periods and sitting close to the rear while riding on hills.
  4. Choose saddle covers you prefer: leather, synthetic, or cotton.
  5. Decide on cushioning: there is a minimum (performance) and plush. Don’t assume that more is always better. In some cases, too much cushion can cause pressure as your body sinks into the saddle. 


Why is saddle fit so important?

Proper bike fit means you have a position that lets you ride as long as you want, as hard as you want. A good fit also prevents injuries.

How to choose a bike saddle width?

Place the cardboard on a carpeted stair, sit down on it and gather up your feet, imitating your riding position. Your sit bones must leave two depressions, which you will see after standing up. Measure the distance between the centers of the depressions and add 25 to 30mm. Thus you will find your saddle width.

How long do Riquen’s bike saddles last?

According to general observations, the average lifespan of a carbon saddle that’s ridden about 5,000 miles a year and hasn’t experienced too much damage is three seasons.

How much do bike saddles cost?

The average price for bike saddles varies from $24.00 to $214.00 for one.

Why should I buy bicycle parts in your shop?

The Frantz Riquen Saddle is designed for weight-conscious riders who want to fly. It is extremely light – only 115g, and has a carbon crankset, carbon bottle cage, a standard seat rail, and a breeze to apply to any road bike. It is also available to purchase the 3K matte or gloss versions.

What guarantees of quality, delivery, and payment do you provide?

We are confident in the quality of our products and their ability to achieve the best performances and offer a 2-year warranty against defects. We provide free worldwide shipping that normally takes 15 to 30 days. Our customers make payments using the secure and stable Stripe payment platform.