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  • The Frantz Riquen Saddle

    The Frantz Riquen Saddle

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    The Ottavio Handlebars

  • The Bottecchia Handlebars

    The Bottecchia Handlebars

  • The Pottier Wheelset

    The Petit-Breton Wheelset

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  • The Pottier Wheelset

    The Pottier Wheelset

  • The Faber Road Bike Frame

    The Faber Road Bike Frame


Want to feel like a pro on your bike?

Make the first step – upgrade the old parts of your dear old bike to a new and trendy carbon fiber material. Carbon bikes have always been the choice of Tour de France competitors, but now they can belong to any cyclist.

However, for many people, there lies a barrier on the way to the dream. Due to carbon’s outstanding lightness and ability to perfectly block out the vibrations reached out from the road,its price is usually higher than other materials’.

But everyone who ever had to experience riding on a carbon bike knows: the stiffness and weight reduction of a few pounds makes the difference from the very first pushes and feels amazing. Add to this the exaltation from owing the thing that makes you closer to the stars of sport – and the price will totally be worth it .

Besides, even though each brand varies the final cost depending on the brand, marketing, and manufacturing outlay, nowadays carbon bikes are accessible for amateurs as never before; and sometimes are placed inside the same price category with aluminum.

Production of carbon fiber parts

The quality of carbon fiber parts primarily depends on the correct choice and quality of the resin and carbon web. If you make mistakes in choosing them, you will not be able to carefully lay out the workpiece in the mold, press it tightly, and completely remove air bubbles.

The main methods of manufacturing include:

  1. Forming from prepregs, that is, semi-finished products, application method.
  2. Forming directly in a form with a vacuum,
  3. Forming by pressure (manual rolling).

Our store offers to gradually replace all main parts of your bike with carbon parts. we have everything you need for it: frames, wheels, handlebars and saddles


Choosing the right bike involves choosing the right frame and the material from which it is made matters. Many professional cyclists share the opinion that carbon is the best material for bicycle frames if speaking of comfort. But the only thing that keeps them together with aluminum is that the price abyss between a good carbon frame and an aluminum frame can be $1000.

The beauty and lightness of the material are often secondary compared to other more important factors. But carbon does not step up in this field too.

Responsiveness and stiffness of carbon frames can be designed for high-level cyclists; the possibility to use it masterfully gives the carbon advantage over aluminum.


Some time ago, cyclists used to avoid carbon frames as they were considered too fragile. But after a while, opinions changed and everyone realized that if you constantly fall on a bicycle, it is not hard for material to break. Recently, carbon frames have become considered very durable and resistant if they don’t experience too many injuries.

2.Maintainability of carbon frames

This quality is very important since any crack on the frame made of carbon fiber is sealed without much effort and cost. It is possible to repair the carbon frame even without resorting to the use of special conditions. For repairs, it is enough to have epoxy resin and fiberglass, all this can be found in stores. Also, the frame can be repaired until it is completely restored in special repair bike workshops for a quite acceptable amount, they can be found on the Internet.

For those who purchase the bike for leisure and recreation, factors such as strength and stiffness may not matter that much, so they frequently prefer aluminum. But for those who aspire to learn racing, it means a lot.

But carbon is also popular outside the professional environment. More and more enthusiasts are opting for carbon-fiber wheels. Manufacturers solved many initial problems of carbon wheels, and now they have become much more reliable, and their braking efficiency has improved significantly.


Handlebars help increase comfort during long trips. With their help, you can change the position of your hands to a more convenient one and thereby avoid sticking hands. They are comfortable holding on while driving standing in the climb, and they will also help make the landing more elongated. Особенно, если это ультра легкие, aerodynamically designed carbon handlebars.

Buying carbon handlebars means reducing to a minimum or even eliminate unpleasant vibration in hands. It means you will have an ergonomic and warm accessory that will make the process of changing the grip at least more comfortable than with aluminum.

This is a solid material with which nothing can happen if you fall.

  • Carbon is warmer than metal, so it is comfortable to hold on to it.
  • When using carbon fiber bars, you will have a pleasant feeling since carbon does not cool down much in the cold season and does not heat up in the sun.
  • Light-weight material, unlike metal, makes the trip much easier, and allows you not to overload the arms muscles.



The final element of the upgrade, the carbon saddle for the road bicycle, will create a balance of handling and weight. Despite this, it has excellent performance characteristics.

The carbon seats we offer will perfectly fit into your bike design. After at least one journey on a bicycle that is equipped with such a seat, you will never again want to return to your old 100-grams ‘stool.’


We only need three words to describe them: aerodynamic, light, and cool.

Carbon wheels are most attractive because of their aerodynamic characteristics, in which they significantly exceed their aluminum counterparts. A large number of blowouts in wind tunnels by leading manufacturers have shown that carbon rims make it possible. And in many hours of racing or at high speeds, this can give an advantage of a few extra seconds or even, sometimes, minutes.

The feelings from carbon wheels are completely different. The bicycle behavior changes a lot. Carbon fiber wheels are gaining more and more popularity. Today, most professional cyclists prefer carbon not only in the frame but also in the rims of wheels. Carbon replaces aluminum even in such hard racings as Paris-Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders, where metal wheels held on for a very long time. And in the mentioned Tour of France, carbon has been the only material for a long time.

Here you have lateral stiffness, vertical flexibility, high resistance to kicks, and light-weight relaxing leg muscles, and even, in addition to all the qualities, compatibility with tubeless tires. Changing metal to carbon, you will be surprised how much easier it becomes for your legs and the body to rotate pedals. If it does not double the pleasure and being while riding, then what does?

Carbon wheels are stiff and absorb vibrations on the lowest level instead of letting them go to the frame and bars. The practical result of such tricks, according to the manufacturer, is more control in turns.