Hello and welcome to Riquèn


We are incredibly excited to present to you our new cycling brand that has taken months of effort and design work to get us here! 

Inspired by great cycling tours and riders of the past but using the latest carbon fibre tech we have two new frames which we love – the Trousselier and the Faber.  These frames are just the first two in our line up with more to come.  We also have carbon fibre wheel sets, handlebars and a saddle.  


The Trousselier

A carbon aerodynamic frame in its wonderful tri-colour design scheme of black forest, arctic silver and crimson turns heads at every corner.  Named and inspired by Louis Trousselier, Olympian and winner of the 1905 Tour de France, it’s a frame that will get you to the front of the peloton. 

The Faber

Lightweight frame with an elegant navy colour scheme inspired by and named after Francois Faber, the Luxembourgian winner of the 1909 Tour de France.  He holds a record of winning 5 consecutive stages and this record still stands today.  If you need to get a lighter frame for that hill climb this is your frame.

Our bicycle frames have been created to pair the latest carbon fibre technology together with brilliant design that you don’t get from larger bicycle manufacturers.  

We hope you enjoy our frames and wheel sets as much as we do.  Pack your suitcase of courage and get ready to race!

Your ride just got more interesting.  Riquen.

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